Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I connect with Traction leaders who share their homes?
Some leaders partner directly with organizations, shelters and programs to offer support to individuals whose housing has become a challenge. Others operate on word of mouth. Please use the contact page on this website to share questions or needs to signal the Traction Network Coordinators to touch base with leaders to learn if there is capacity to support the need.

Do Traction leaders charge people to stay in their homes?
There is no cost for individuals to move in. Once employed or receiving an income, residents are typically expected to contribute and save a percentage of their incomes. These arrangements are determined by the Traction leaders and shared before individuals move into the home.

How exactly does the spiritual component work?

Traction leaders agree that Spiritual wellness is an essential part of health. As Traction leaders are all Christian, there is an expectation that individuals who share their homes will respect the values, disciplines and practices inherent to a Christian household. Leaders invite residents to try spiritual disciplines such as Prayer, Celebration, Fasting & Study. Each Traction leader independently determines how this looks in their home and is clear about the involvement expectation with potential house residents before they move in.