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Traction Newsletter December 2017

Coming in 2018

Traction formalizes its identity and expands.  After nearly 10 years of organic activity, Traction solidifies itself as a network of individuals who receive training and support to share their individual resources with others in need of support.  In January of 2018 the Traction network will continue as a ministry of Cambridge Community Fellowship Church in Cambridge, MA. Laura Mitchell and Leslie Moore will co-staff the initiative to encourage and support Christians to share their lives and resources.

Leslie & Laura
Laura Mitchell – Traction Admin & Leslie Moore-  Traction Network Coordinator


Traction hosts Christmas parties to remember in MA and RI


Earle, a new member of the Traction network invites several men experiencing homelessness to share his new home. His parent’s church, home church and friends helped to furnish it and stock the shelves.



Traction celebrated two ladies competing their high school studies in alternative schools and three starting their first semesters of college


Four Traction participants got baptized

4 individuals/families transitioned into their own apartments in Central Falls, RI

crossman pic 2


2 Traction ladies received a GED and 2 headed into their first semesters at Northeastern University. Two other young women started their first semesters in community college

Traction Family Photo 2014 - wild

1 Traction woman got baptized

I Traction participant celebrated both the birth of a third child and completing a long fought for Bachelor’s degree


1 Traction participant received a GED and headed into his first semester of college

After participating separately in the men’s and women’s Traction houses, a separated married couple reunited, gained employment, saved money and moved into a local apartment with their two children

Traction Family Photo 2013

The Chateau site supported a total of 5 young moms and 6 young children


TRACTION inspires a 12-yr in California to make a difference for Traction Houses and in his community

January 21, 2013 – Traction founder Leslie Moore shares the purpose of Traction with 12-yr old Noah Johnson who decides to raise money to support Traction and fund a visit to Boston to present the check himself.

January 25-30, 2013 – Noah springs into action.  He calls Miss Blythe, the Chamber of Commerce,  Palo Verde Community College, Taylor Swift’s manager and anyone else he could contact to help organize a fundraiser.  He decides on a talent show called Blythe’s Got Talent

April 26, 2013 – The big show happens and over $5500 is raised. Of the proceeds, $850 went to the winners of the talent contest, $1100 was donated to Traction Houses in Boston, $1500 went to the Associated Student Government of Palo Verde Community College, $1500 funded the newly established Noah Johnson – Traction House book scholarship for young adults in Blythe, California with challenges similar to Traction House participants in Boston and $500 went to the Miss Blythe organization.

Noah Award
pictured – Noah Johnson, Tobi Johnson (Noah’s mom), Miss Blythe, Leslie Moore


Traction launches its site called Le Chateau.  It is set up to support young moms and young women

Le Chateau … specializing in

  • Bottling whines
  • $tacking bread 
  • Crafting cheeses 

building family traditions since 2012


6 Traction participants were recognized by College Bound Dorchester for entering into their first semester of college.  Two of the students were young moms from the Chateau House

traction grads

Traction had its first Family Reunion where all current and past residents were invited for a BBQ and cook-off




2 Traction men received a GED

mens graduation
Two Traction men and a friend celebrate accomplishments with Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson


Traction leaders open the doors of two apartments to accommodate men and women in  need of support

Traction Family Photo 2010

1 Traction participant heads off to Berkeley School of Music (TJ is tall guy in the middle of the pic)



January 2010

Traction Family photo 2010

Traction opens its doors!          5 nightingale 2

The Original Traction house was designed for young men who might have described themselves as spinning their wheels with life goals. With leaders living in the house amongst participants, the goal was to create a healthy family feel where basic needs were met and each person was encouraged and challenged to take steps towards individual and shared house goal