Traction is a network of individuals of Christian faith building relationships across socially prescribed boundaries, sharing their lives and resources

Traction Facts:

  • Traction started 9 years ago in Boston with one multi-family home where young residents aged 18-25 lived alongside mentors in apartments.
  • Today, the Traction network includes individuals in Boston, MA and Providence, RI metropolitan areas who support the discipleship and self-actualization journeys of others who have become part of the Traction Family.

How Traction Works

  • Traction is a model of resource sharing. We all grow in sharing our lives, social networks and resources and sometimes homes with individuals
  • When sharing homes, leaders often absorb some of the costs of mortgages, utilities, home repairs, internet access, furniture, trips and food in their particular homes. Friends and churches of leaders also join in to share resources to support Traction residents.
  • The hope of a Traction leader is to build relationships across socially prescribed boundaries. When appropriate, resources are shared to ensure individuals have needs met (ie food, safety, belonging) so they can begin to use their God-given gifts to impact the world.
  • Leaders find joy in
    • 1) witnessing the miracle of resources multiplying when in faith, they are shared with neighbors
    • 2) seeing how just how far individuals can go once they stop spinning their wheels and get a little “Traction.”